The classroom of my heart!!

The classroom of my heart is filled with turmoil.

The first benches;

claimed by my self doubt and anxiety issues,

that wait to respond to anything that appears in front of them,

that observe everything and make notes of them.

The middle benches are full of mixed emotions;

almost-good decisions, worse situations,

blessings, laughters, 

almost lovers, will to die, 

red skirt, dark humor, unanswered phone calls,

urge of being there for ungrateful people, addiction to horror movies, 

freshly brewed coffee;

full of every single thing that makes a body between a head and two legs.

The last benches are occupied by my perception of life and my sanity;

always prepared for mischievous stuffs,

wanting to bunk classes of great life decisions.

Everyone gossiping, dancing and singing at the same time;

as if they’re celebrating a leisure period,

until you make an appearance as a teacher.

My anxiety issues observe you and ask you a lot of questions,

all the middle benchers weigh your merits and demerits,

and the last benchers;

ignore your affection,

like a class they bunked.

But you;

have a way with students.

You handle them with patience.

You teach them with love.

And when you’re about to leave the class;

you look at them, knowing that they’re extremely excited for another lecture.

You see; the classroom of my heart is now full of love!!

Published by Navina

I do write, sometimes!!

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