Our mouths are sewn shut;

with the needles of so called dignity 

and the threads of so called culture.

They say, art hurts their so called morals.

A female – simply owning her body and expressing herself,

A male – simply presenting his opinions on nudism,

People – sharing their abuse stories after being suppressed for too long;

are supposed to get polished with some ethical values.

โ€œWhat a whore!!โ€


โ€œDo you talk to every other person like that??โ€

โ€œThatโ€™s how your parents raised you??โ€

โ€œAttention seeker!!โ€

Sad, isnโ€™t it??

How poets are supposed go for a metaphor-hunting,

because what theyโ€™ve in their minds are too-explicit and unacceptable for others 

to get penned and presented.

But you see;

Our mouths are now slowly unsewing themselves,

Our hands are slowly freeing themselves 

and their eyes are slowly becoming courageous enough,

to see the uncensored art!!

Published by Navina

I do write, sometimes!!

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