The strand of my revolt.

You’ve been pulling the strand of my revolt too hard, I guess you’re unaware of the fact that I’ve tied it to intrepidity, and the lace only gets stronger and tighter. “Your screams are a major evidence of your grief.” -Oh well! Why do you unsee the warrior behind the shield of agony?? “You’re tooContinue reading “The strand of my revolt.”


I can’t decide what’s more lethal, Innocence or ignorance?? I break down, thinking of that woman, who is always unsure about her life and pays bills of people’s sorrows that she never ordered; and how the idea of distress changes when I come to realize  that I’ve been doing the same. I gather myself, closeContinue reading “Lethal”


Our mouths are sewn shut; with the needles of so called dignity  and the threads of so called culture. They say, art hurts their so called morals. A female – simply owning her body and expressing herself, A male – simply presenting his opinions on nudism, People – sharing their abuse stories after being suppressedContinue reading “Censored!!”

The classroom of my heart!!

The classroom of my heart is filled with turmoil. The first benches; claimed by my self doubt and anxiety issues, that wait to respond to anything that appears in front of them, that observe everything and make notes of them. The middle benches are full of mixed emotions; almost-good decisions, worse situations, blessings, laughters,  almostContinue reading “The classroom of my heart!!”

Moving on!!

While moving on; You can’t go back trying the same thing while expecting different results. While moving on, you can’t keep trying to find your happiness at the same place it was destroyed. While moving on, you can’t continue to allow yourself to be taken for granted. While moving on, you can’t convince yourself toContinue reading “Moving on!!”

Wrong People??

You need to be with wrong people.; You need to get attached to toxic people. You need to be lied to a bunch of times. You need to feel like you’re being cheated on by what feels like everybody you come across. You need to find out that that person you want already wants someoneContinue reading “Wrong People??”

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